Collins Skills for the TOEIC Test is a test preparation course covering two sets of skills: Listening and Reading / Writing and Speaking, which focuses on helping learners understand and improve their skills in the TOEIC exam. The course consists of a full package of 4 skills but focuses on two main sets of skills: Listening and Reading / Writing and Speaking.

Quick Guide:  Provide an overview of the types of questions to help learners understand and know how to answer each type.

Challenges and Solutions: These sections provide strategies and skills that help learners understand how to overcome common challenges in the TOEIC test.

Get it right: Provide a quick overview of the important steps to complete the questions, including vocabulary and useful formulas for learners.

Answer Analysis: Help learners learn how to eliminate the misleading answer choices provided in the question

Progressive Practice: Encourage self-study by providing progress reports together with the lessons’ content and tasks.

Review sections: Help learners get used to the actual TOEIC test by giving them the opportunities to experience simulated tests in real-life settings.

English for TOEIC Practice Test

The practice tests simulate the actual TOEIC® tests to help students progress and achieve the highest score possible. The tests include detailed instructions on how to do TOEIC® test with many useful tips and answer explanations.