Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z is a popular product with most of the more than 1,000 teachers in 27 eBook reading level corresponding to the increasing difficulty. This is a perfect product for teachers to help teachers prepare for the classroom lessons students are full and more interesting. Reading materials in the form of A-Z are: electronic books, paragraphs, pages, poems, scripts and other tools ... In addition, teachers can use the materials in Reading A-Z to: Download and print the materials used in the classroom for students Used as an assessment tool to...

Writing A-Z

Writing A-Z gives teachers the necessary materials to teach students writing skills. Immediate access to hundreds of source documentation writing skills at all levels and easy download, including large and small exercises allow teachers to identify specific writing skills. Writing With A-Z, teachers can: Download these exercises specific writing skills helps students become familiar with the structure of the article, structure. Download tools supported Beginning- Fluent direct response to the skills and abilities at all levels: beginning, early Developing, Developing and fluent. Write Rights to use tools, the...

Science A-Z

Science A-Z provides materials easily downloaded and printed out and activities in four main scientific domains: Life, Earth, physics, and scientific progress. Equipped with full scientific information, Science A-Z designed to ensure students can learn the basic scientific knowledge and improve reading skills

Raz-KIDs A-Z

Raz-Kids offers hundreds of interactive e-books, is divided into 27 difficulty levels, covering all topics. Moreover help encourage students at each performance level in the fun activities, puzzles and awards. At the same time also support teachers custom group exercises, view reports and monitor academic progress of students. Student accounts Gives students independence & higher ownership in learning Promoting students completing comprehension exercises Support the adoption of knowledge game learning: Raz Rocket Teacher account: Operations management & learning...

Ready Test A-Z

Ready Test A-Z

Vocabulary A-Z

Vocabulary of over 11,500 A-Z from being placed in specific situations. Teachers can use the words available and customized according to your needs. With Vocabulary A-Z, teachers can: Download documents related lessons to be selected from. When the word list has been selected, the teacher can text list within one week of instruction in the classroom. Supporting the development of hundreds of lesson topics: science, society, sports, art ... Create puzzle exercises from available from