Collins Get Ready for IELTS Collins Listening / Speaking / Reading / Writing is the perfect course for low level students to develop the skills necessary to complete the IELTS test with high efficiency. With the duration of 25-30 hours for each skill, the course gives students basic guidelines to help them familiar with the questions and the respective answers.

  • Collins Get Ready for IELTS Listening properly simulates real life situations in order to help students learn how to jot lectures through the summaries, notes, outlines, and main ideas of ​​the lectures.
  • Collins Get Ready for IELTS Writing helps students improve their writing skills. Students will learn how to present their ideas in a clear and comprehensive way using their own language. This skill is very useful for students in the process of writing essays and blueprints in English or when it comes to writing job reports for employers.
  • Collins Get Ready for IELTS Speaking helps students present their ideas in front of a crowd with confidence. Students learn useful expressions, how to pronounce words correctly, and how to use appropriate words to present their ideas. Additionally, the course helps students be able to handle the situations and questions quickly.
  • Collins Get Ready for IELTS Reading helps students develop necessary skills to become autonomous learners and also build their confidence to read and understand large amounts of information from textbooks, books and specialized materials effectively.

Course content includes:

  • 11 exercises designed for students at low level, and are complemented by specific examples of sentence structures. Each skill provides the vocabulary and grammar necessary to do the actual test. Information and suggestions are fully offered in each exercise. Vocabulary will be provided last.
  • The "Watch out!” emphasizes the fundamental errors that students often make when doing listening exercises.
  • 4 reviews to help test and strengthen the knowledge and skills important for language skills test.

Skills tests include complete answers, audio transcript and listening exercises.