iAccess English

iAccess English

iAccess English is an interactive English learning interface designed for self-learning of general English with 600 hours of online connection. Scores gained during the learning process will be constantly updated so that students can track their progress every day.

iAccess English is suitable for students of all levels. The ultimate goal of each lesson in iAccess English is to help student master their writing and communication skills. The course is designed to allow students to participate in all activities of the English learning process such as Listening, Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

Features of iAccess English:

  • iAccess English is a web-based interface; you can access via computers, tablets or Smartphone as the interface is designed to be compatible with all kinds of device
  • Offline & Online: iAccess can also be used in offline mode. Students can download the lessons before disconnecting their devices. Scores will be automatically updated once their devices are connected again.
  • iAccess English is designed to be user-friendly, even for students who are new to English learning interfaces.

Course content:

  • General English Beginner (A1): provide basic vocabulary, sentences and expressions for communication
  • General English Elementary (A2): help student acquire a good amount of vocabulary and use grammar more flexibly.
  • General English Pre-Intermediate (B1): help students become independent users of English and have experience in using common sentences for different situations. Also, students can briefly give reasons or explanations for their ideas or plans.
  • General English Intermediate (B2): designed for students with sustainable knowledge of basic grammar and a reasonable amount of vocabulary. Students will learn to use suitable sentences and expressions for various contexts.
  • General English Upper Intermediate (B2 +)
  • General English Advanced (C1): for students with a deep understanding of grammar, who are able to read and understand long complex sentences and passages.

Upon completing the General English course, students can:

  • Build a solid foundation for their English language and develop advanced communication skills to be used in real-life situations
  • Develop reading comprehension and writing skills, which will help them understand and express their ideas in written English